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In doing so, we pay special attention to the needs of not only our customers but the customers of our customers too. 

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At AVVRA, you can find not just facilities to engage customers on your social media, but also in the physical world. We provide our services to create new customers through the use of social media. This includes making trends through video stories on Facebook and Instagram and also releasing video campaigns that are hyped like anything. 

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But we just don’t go out there and act on our instinct. It is in ours and your best interest that we act in keeping with the social and cultural norms. That is how we provide you visibility. We use these norms to create video campaigns that are relevant to your audience. That way, you can get the most out of our services for your brand. 

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Due to the increasing number of criminal cases in Australia and generally across the globe, the role of solicitors is becoming more important. Gold Coast solicitors are some of the most crucial people in the court of law, especially when it comes to organising the cases for the attorneys. Although they may be confused with lawyers, solicitors have different duties. Nevertheless, at the bottom line, they both work in a court of law.

Sometimes, you may be looking for the right solicitor to represent you in the court of law. You could also be a barrister who wants some advice or instruction from a solicitor. And in such a situation, you need the best solicitor who understands the case and all that is involved.

Just like getting the right lawyer in Australia can be quite a hassle, getting the right solicitor who will perform their roles effectively, can be difficult. But as usual, we are always there to help you get the right and ideal personnel you need.

We understand that some cases may be complicated, and you may not have the entire information regarding the cases. You may not even know what the court requires you to do. That’s when you need a solicitor by your side to advise you on the right decision to take. So what do you look at when finding the right solicitor? Well, just keep reading.

Qualities of a Good Solicitor

Honest and trustworthy

This is one quality that you cannot afford to ignore if you want to have the best solicitor who will advise you rightly concerning your case. In every professional career, honesty is one virtue that is needed for you to gain trust in any personnel. A good solicitor should not hide anything from you. He or she should be good at explaining the law vocabulary to you until you fully understand.

Confident and intelligent

You have gone to the court of law because you want to win the case. One of the people that will guarantee your winning is your lawyer and the solicitor. They should be intelligent enough to offer you all the information you and your lawyer need to win the case. They should have the capacity to gauge whatever is happening in the court and accurately follow the progress of the case. A confident solicitor will make you confident towards your victory even when in the court.

Great organisation skills

We all know that people like lawyers and solicitors do not deal with one client. But do they have the capacity to handle the pressure coming from all these clients? Organisational skills go hand in hand with great time management skills. They should plan their schedules properly and handle their workload without difficulties.

Great negotiation skills

The main job of a judge, lawyer, or solicitor in Australia or anywhere across the globe is to present their argument and pieces of evidence to the court. They are then to negotiate and clarify things until the court is convinced.


Of course, this can only be possible if they have great communication skills. You need a solicitor who fully understands your case and represents you fully in the court. They should present the case to the court and persuade everyone to believe that you need compensation or you are innocent.

There could be other traits you should check out for when looking for the right solicitor like care, listening ability, and budget. Nevertheless, the above are the major ones.

SEO Brisbane: Choosing the right SEO company

SEO Brisbane: Choosing the right SEO company

Choosing the right SEO firm would have a direct impact on your business and finances. Being in the top search results is simply a matter of finding a good SEO company in Brisbane. The right firm would advise you on improving your sales and also reducing the risk of investment.

The following are some tip which every entrepreneur should consider when looking for SEO in Brisbane:

SEO has to be a consistent effort and results may not be apparent immediately

Anyone who says otherwise should be avoided strictly. This is because SEO requires a great deal than what it appears to be. There should be ample time given to research. The analysts should know about the target audience. Doing so would help them devise a strategy which actually works and generates positive leads. The first thing a SEO company would ask you for would be the complete details regarding your product or service. They would then carry out local search marketing and devise other strategies to help your business appear in the top search results. It is a slow and consistent process which can give you results in the next four to six months. Anyone making tall claims should be avoided at all costs.

Know your goals and make sure you find SEO in Brisbane who would help you achieve those

Just because someone is talking about helping you increase organic traffic doesn’t mean you should just hire them right away. You first need to find out your own goals for your business. Once you have everything in front of you, then you talk to a SEO analysts. They should be able to help your business achieve its goal. Whether you are looking for someone to help improve the website and optimize it or you are looking for link building or local listings, make sure you are clear about it in the first place.

Do your research on SEO companies

Just because you find a few companies listed in top of Google search is no reason why you should go for them only. In fact word of mouth is a pretty powerful tool in helping you find out about the best SEO companies in Brisbane. The right firm has a whole list of long term clients. Their clients know that they are their best option. Do check out the reviews on their website. Also if you know someone who has a great looking website and a good business strategy feel free to ask them who they have hired for their SEO requirements.

Find a firm which believes in proper communication

While your company may have access to the Google tools for analyzing your data, it’s not uncommon for business owners to have very little time for it. This is why you should hire a company which would update you with all that is happening. They should let you know if they see any changes in the traffic or positive leads.

SEO is a long term process, so make sure you find a team with whom you can have a consistent relationship. For more information on SEO Brisbane do check out with the local digital marketing agencies.

5 Reasons to Outsource Customer Support Services

5 Reasons to Outsource Customer Support Services

In today’s world, every multinational brand and organization pays thousands of dollars to connect and interact with their consumers to understand their expectations and to gain their goodwill. After all, they are the backbone of any business. But providing substantial customer services requires a whole call center set-up, with advanced communication tools, pieces of training, dozens of professional staff and the management to supervise the program. That’s a lot to take care of I must say. So why not making a smart move and outsource the whole project of customer service which surely offers more efficient and competent manpower and saves you from extra tolls. Let’s have a look.

Relationship Market

A business blooms or defaults on the basis of its customer services. Outsourcing this facility can earn you a rewarding team with significant savings and the most important of all, the market of loyal customers. When you are there to listen to their grievances, help resolve their issues, and offer first-hand solutions, you earn them for life. Is there anything else a business needs other than a life-long customer? I bet not!

Enhance your business

Where the inbound call center services are obtained to meet the needs and queries of customers, the outbound call center offers a nifty chance to outreach your business to an unlimited number of people. From cross-selling to win-back campaigns to welcome calls, this is one of the most convenient and economical ways to access more people and generate high revenues.

24/7 Networking

Want to be there for your customers every hour of every day? Outsourcing to a quality call center provides you the liberty to interact with them 24/7. The seasoned managed services sydney staff are well-trained in their jobs and their level of service and response time is unmatched. As a recent study claims, the performance of an average business increases by 50% in the case of outsourcing their customer services to a distinctive call center.

Area of Expertise

The skilled manpower of an outsourced company gives your business a competitive edge. Being an expert in their jobs, they are trained to take and make a high call volume. They are bound to improve their metrics with every single call. Their performance is measured with the average call time, customer satisfaction and hand-on resolutions. They are also experts in covering your email and social media queries too. Your resource management would be available to handle other important businesses and rest leave onto them without a doubt!


Every business aims to provide satisfactory and reliable customer services to its consumers while keeping the cost low. To attain the quality standard, outsourcing is the only and most effective source in which your fixed cost of in-house setup changes into variable costs with far better coverage and efficacy. The in-house call center costs a great deal rather than outsourcing the services.



There is no doubt that video on social media is an important part of a successful long-term content marketing strategy. After all, video content is what is driving today to a large extent on the Internet. And it will continue to do so.

Look around and you will discover that more and more brands are using video to connect to the target audience and create a relationship with them. That simply wouldn’t have been possible with traditional content.

What makes the video even more important for content marketing is its growth on social media. Shares and video views on various social platforms have only increased over the years.

Suggestion n. 1: loading of native video content

However, when you do, try uploading and sharing native videos on Facebook instead of posting direct links on YouTube. Why? Because it has been found that native videos perform 10 times better on Facebook than on YouTube links.

In a large study conducted by Quintly, which analyzed 167,000 FB profiles and 6 million posts, it was discovered that Facebook native videos received 478% more shares and 110% more interactions.

There could be two possible reasons why native videos are going better:

  1. Native videos start playing automatically as you scroll down your feed, while YouTube videos must be played manually.
  2. Native videos are played in the Facebook environment, while YouTube videos are played on an external page and users leave the Facebook platform to watch the video.

Suggestion n. 2: sharing of short, value-oriented videos

Want more involvement from your video on social media? So try creating short, useful videos. If done right, these videos can help your brand attract the right kind of attention, spread brand awareness and even improve your organic reach.

Is short-lived social media video widely used? Obviously. Just look around to find a range of video formats produced and shared on various social media platforms. Just from those 60 seconds of video on Instagram to 2 minute information videos on Facebook. Short videos are popular because they work .

According to a research done by Hubspot, here the most recommended times for videos on social media to get the best results:

  • Instagram video: 26 seconds
  • Twitter video: 45 seconds
  • Facebook video: 1 minute
  • YouTube video: 2 minutes

The success of social media content revolves around instant gratification.

Social media users today want …

  • Consume content without losing much time
  • Keep track of the latest events around them
  • Be informed about topics of interest to them

One of the most effective ways to harness the power of short video content on social media is to focus on creating instructional videos or how to shed light on how your product works or help viewers understand how you have the solution to their problem.

Suggestion n. 3: create the first 10 seconds to get their attention.

According to a study conducted by Microsoft, it was found that the duration of human attention was reduced to 8 seconds by 12 seconds in 2000.

The point is that you have to do everything possible to attract your viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds (or less) of your video.

When designing the content of your video, keep in mind that a certain part of your audience may leave abruptly in the first few seconds . This is why it is necessary to write a script that allows them to stay until the end.

If you can capture the attention of your viewers in the first 10 seconds, you can easily lose a ton of viewers as they run along their feed, looking for another video. If your video fails to engage your audience immediately, it is likely that a third of the viewers can slip away.

Suggestion n. 4: focus on telling a story

No matter what product is sold, we generally don’t like being bombarded by cold calls or seeing TV advertisements that are irrelevant.

Today, it’s all about who can tell the best story and engage its audience. That’s right, storytelling has turned into a powerful new sales plan that is getting real results. And the video is helping us to tell better stories.

Here are three basic steps to follow to implement storytelling via video on social media:

  1. Introduce the right kind of characters to create a connection or connection with the viewer
  2. Add a view that helps you capture and hold the viewer’s attention
  3. Have a resolution to help viewers understand what you want to convey with the story
Tips to improve your Video Marketing strategy on Facebook

Tips to improve your Video Marketing strategy on Facebook

Facebook has always been a platform where visual content has its own importance. And if until recently the photos were to monopolize the attention of the users, now the domain of the social seems to be passed to the videos .

Sharing data from BuzzSumo’s study of over 777 million Facebook posts, journalist Brian Peters writes that “when it comes to bringing Facebook’s strategy to the next level, there’s no better way to do it than through the video content “. Indeed, according to the data, “1% of the best 500 posts in 2018 were videos”.

Peters also adds that the video content generates 59% of ‘ engagement more than any other type of content. And this success of the videos would not seem to concern only organic posts. Elise Dopson from Databox interviewed 29 marketing experts to understand what kind of content works best for Facebook ads and the video seems to be the most powerful.

Having clarified this, the question remains whether there really is some kind of video that manages to be more “attractive” than others within the platform. Well yes! Elaine Bennet reported that “Facebook Live has ten times the reach of all other content on Facebook”, and gets six times more interactions than pre-recorded videos.

At this point it becomes quite clear that your brand will benefit from sharing video content . Here are ten useful tips for a perfect video marketing strategy on Facebook , directly suggested by the Zest Content Stream team of experts.

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