Facebook has always been a platform where visual content has its own importance. And if until recently the photos were to monopolize the attention of the users, now the domain of the social seems to be passed to the videos .

Sharing data from BuzzSumo’s study of over 777 million Facebook posts, journalist Brian Peters writes that “when it comes to bringing Facebook’s strategy to the next level, there’s no better way to do it than through the video content “. Indeed, according to the data, “1% of the best 500 posts in 2018 were videos”.

Peters also adds that the video content generates 59% of ‘ engagement more than any other type of content. And this success of the videos would not seem to concern only organic posts. Elise Dopson from Databox interviewed 29 marketing experts to understand what kind of content works best for Facebook ads and the video seems to be the most powerful.

Having clarified this, the question remains whether there really is some kind of video that manages to be more “attractive” than others within the platform. Well yes! Elaine Bennet reported that “Facebook Live has ten times the reach of all other content on Facebook”, and gets six times more interactions than pre-recorded videos.

At this point it becomes quite clear that your brand will benefit from sharing video content . Here are ten useful tips for a perfect video marketing strategy on Facebook , directly suggested by the Zest Content Stream team of experts.